Allergy UK Water Baby Wipes 28'S

Are gentle baby wipes that are used to clean babies' delicate skin without causing irritation
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Allergy UK Water Baby Wipes 28'S 

Water Baby Wipes are suitable for sensitive, newborn, and delicate baby skin.

They are highly recommended by pediatricians for preventing nappy rash or skin allergies.

Water Baby Wipes Water Wipes are composed of 99.9% water and a small amount of fruit extract.

These wipes are very gentle on the skin and help soften the skin as they contain no harsh or chemical ingredients.

Each wipe is purified, and filtered to ensure the highest standards of quality.

Active ingredients:
Water, Fruits extract

• Baby wet wipes don't contain ingredients that could further irritate your baby’s delicate skin.
• Water wipes are pure and Natural as they are composed of 99% water.
• Helps you to clean your baby's body easily and gently.

Points Of Interest:
• For external use only.
• Keep away from children.
• Free of fragrance.

Made in:

28 Wipes

Store at Stores at room temperature