Betasept Mouth Wash 130 ml

Betasept mouth wash for the treatment of acute mucosal infections of the mouth and pharynx
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Betasept Mouth Wash 130 ml

• Betasept Contains Povidone-Iodine 1%. It belongs to a class of antiseptics known as iodophors.
• Betasept is a fast-acting broad-spectrum antiseptic that kills gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria (including antibiotic-resistant organisms), as well as fungi/yeast, viruses, and protozoa.

Active ingredients:

• Betasept effective for the relief of infections and inflammations of pharynx, and even with mouth Blood, pus, or bile the activity of Betasept won't be affected.

How to use:
• Betasept mouth wash used 3 times per day.

Points Of Interest:
• Do not use Betasept if you are allergic to one of the active substances.
• Consult your doctor or pharmacist before using Betasept mouth wash during pregnancy, it can be used during pregnancy under your doctor's supervision.
• Should not be used for children under 6 years old.
• Keep away from the reach of the children.

Made in:
Saudi Arabia

130 ml

Store at room temperature