Canderel with Stevia Green 100 Tabs

A stevia sweetener that is zero-calorie and used to add sweetness to your favorite beverages and recipes
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Canderel with Stevia Green 100 Tabs

Canderel with Stevia Green tablets is an alternative-to-sugar sweetener with a new and improved formulation.
The zero-calorie tablets offer a guilt-free way to enjoy your favorite hot drinks or dessert foods.
Canderel with Stevia Green comes in a convenient dispenser that easily fits into your handbag or pocket to allow you to sweeten your drinks or recipes even if you are on the go.
The tablets are suitable for a lacto-vegetarian diet and act as a great-tasting sugar substitute that can be used in cooking, and baking, and to enhance the taste of hot beverages like tea and coffee.

Active ingredients:
Steviol glycosides, Sucralose, Lactose, Microcrystalline cellulose, Cross-linked sodium carboxy-methyl cellulose.

Canderel with Stevia Green Benefits:
• Zero calories per tablet, allowing you to enjoy sweetness without adding extra calories.
• Convenient dispenser for on-the-go use.
• Suitable for lacto-vegetarian diets.
• Great-tasting alternative to sugar for sweetening drinks and foods.
• Helps reduce sugar intake.

Direction for use of the Canderel with Stevia Green 100 Tabs:
• Consume the recommended single serving stated on the packaging of the Canderel with Stevia.
• 1 Tablet is equal to 1 teaspoon(4g) of sugar.

More information:
• Store in a dry and cool place.
• Keep out of the reach of children.
• Adults weighing 70kg can consume up to 91 tablets per day.

Made in: Czech Republic.

Quantity: 100 Tabs.

Store at room temperature.