Cosmo White Deodorant W.A ARB 50 ML

It is a deodorant act as Control and regulate sweating without closing the pores Last for one day ,with whitening effect .It is also alcohol free.
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Cosmo White Deodorant 50 ml:
Sweat regulator which helps to avoid hyperhidrosis by eliminating odor-causing bacteria without closing the pores , with whitening effect. Last for one day (24 hrs) . It is also alcohol free.

Points of interest:
• For everyday use.
• Protection from spot on your clothes all the day (24 hrs).

Benefits of Cosmo White Deodorant:
• Sweat regulator.
• Avoid hyperhidrosis.
• Whitening axillary area.

How to use Cosmo White Deodorant:
Use it as you need.

All Active Ingredients:

Cautions and warnings:
• For external use only.
• Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.
• Keep the product out of reach of children.

room temperature.

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