Enemax Enema Solution 120 ml

An enema containing a solution that is used to address severe constipation and facilitate the elimination of stool from the body
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Enemax Enema Solution 120 ml

- Enemax enema is a solution that is given into the anus to treat constipation and facilitate the excretion process.
- The Solution contains a mixture of disodium phosphate and monosodium phosphate, which gives a laxative effect when administered rectally.
- Enemax solution works to increase the softness of the intestines and increase the volume of liquid in it, which facilitates the process of excreting stool naturally.

Active ingredients:
Mono Sodium Phosphate, Disodium Phosphate.

The benefits of the enema:
- Effectively aids in treating constipation.
- Works to empty the digestive system.
- Stimulates the removal of stool from the body naturally.
- The body gets rid of stool and the pain caused by it.

How to use the Enemax enema:
-Follow the instructions in the package leaflet.

More information:
- This solution is not intended for oral use.
- The package contains a ready-to-use solution.
- Keep away from the reach of children.

Made in: Egypt.

Quantity: 120 ml.

Store at room temperature.