Foltene Hair & Scalp Treatment For Women Value Pack 24 Vials

Are hair care ampoules that offer a triple effect for women, helping to stop hair loss, increase density, and slow hair aging
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Foltene Hair & Scalp Treatment For Women Value Pack 24 Vials

Foltene hair care ampoules for women are complete ampoules that stop hair loss, increase hair density, and stop hair aging.
These ampoules contain several Foltene-exclusive compounds such as Tricalgoxyl and DN-Age™ as well as a Biomineral Complex, all of which are extracted from natural sources.
This ensures that the formula is gentle on the hair, lightweight, and quickly absorbed and it helps to nourish the hair and improves its health.
The ingredients increase the strength and thickness of hair and restore the natural balance of the hair life cycle by increasing the hair growth phase and reducing the hair loss phase.
The formula provides an anti-oxidant effect that helps to protect the hair from external and environmental aggressors and oxidative stress.
Foltene ampoules are the ideal solution for women to take care of both the scalp and the complete length of hair, from roots to ends.

Active ingredients:
Tricalgoxyl®, DN-Age™, Biomineral Complex, Capillia Longa.

Benefits of Foltene Hair & Scalp Vials:
- Reduce hair loss.
- Increase the strength and thickness of hair.
- Protect hair from external factors.
- Nourish the roots and takes care of the ends.
- Ensure balance in the hair life cycle.
- Maintain a healthy scalp.

How to use Foltene ampoules:
- Follow the instructions included in the leaflet included in the Foltene ampoule package.

More information:
- Do not wash your hair after using it.
- For external use only.
- The duration of treatment varies according to the severity of the condition.

Made in:

24 Vials x 6 ml

Store at room temperature

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