Germidine Antiseptic Gargle Mouthwash 125 ml

Mouthwash helps to treat acute infections of the mouth and throat
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Germidine Antiseptic Gargle Mouthwash 125 ml

• Germidine Antiseptic Gargle Mouthwash with alcohol is faster acting with a broader spectrum of antimicrobial activity.
• Germidine Antiseptic Gargle Mouthwash is used for the treatment of acute infections of the lining of the mouth and throat, inflammation of the gums, and mouth ulcers.
• Recommended as daily mouthwash and for cleansing of mouth before, during, and after dental and oral surgery.

Active ingredients:

• Germidine Mouthwash Quickly relieves gums inflammation and mouth ulcers.
• Germidine prevents acute infections and dental caries.
• Used for pre, during, and post-surgery oral hygiene.

How To Use:
• Take 10 ml of Germidine gargle in a measuring cup.
• Germidine gargle with 10 ml undiluted for 30-40 seconds.
• Use up to 4 times a day.
• Do not swallow.

Points Of Interest:
• Do not use Germidine mouthwash if you are allergic to one of the active substances.
• Keep away from the children.

Made in: India

Quantity: 125 ml

Store at room temperature