Hemagel Procto Suppositories 10 Pcs

Are rectal suppositories that are used to relieve pain and treat hemorrhoids and other rectal problems
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Hemagel Procto Suppositories 10 Pcs

Hemagel Procto rectal suppositories are used to treat rectal problems such as hemorrhoids and anal fissures.
The suppositories contain a formula that offers a unique solution to accelerate the healing of acute and chronic wounds and anorectal skin diseases.
These Suppositories work by forming an elastic and moist layer on the wound, preventing the wound from drying out, which helps in healing and reduces pain.
Hemagel Procto suppositories have a safe formula that does not reach the bloodstream, possessing a distinct and exceptional nature that renders them the optimal remedy for rectal diseases.

Active ingredients:
Copolymer 2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate.

Benefits of Hemagel Procto Suppositories:
- Provide effective treatment for hemorrhoids.
- Treat rectal diseases such as anal fissures.
- Contain a patented formula.
- Have a safe and unique formula.

How to use Hema gel Procto suppositories:
- Place the suppository through the anus, preferably after using the bathroom.
- Use the suppository once daily, preferably before going to bed.

More information:
- It is recommended to follow a diet rich in fiber when using suppositories.
- It is recommended to drink large amounts of water.
- A doctor should be consulted before use by children, pregnant and lactating women.

10 supp

Store at room temperature