Medee Retinol Gel 30 ml

A gel that helps that helps to regenerate and exfoliate the skin, giving skin a healthy and younger-looking
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Medee Retinol Gel 30 ml

Medee Retinol Gel helps to regenerate skin and boosts its radiance.

The serum gently exfoliates the skin to remove dead cells and excess oil.

Medee Retinol Gel helps to refine pores and regulates sebum production.

It effectively decreases all signs of aging and lightens the skin.

Active ingredients:
Vitamin A derivative, Exfoliating factors.

• Medee Retinol Gel enhances collagen production.
•Whitens skin.
• Medee Retinol Gel reduces pore size and fights breakout.
• Helps to get rid of dead cells, and impurities.

How to use:
• Apply Medee Retinol Gel at night on the face and neck.

Points of interest:
• It can be applied after using the derma roller.

Made in: France.

Quantity: 30 ml.

Store at room temperature.