Nan 2 Opti Pro Infant Milk 400 g for Healthy growth

A formula rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and iron to Support mental growth and ensure normal growth for children
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Nan 2 Optipro Milk - 400G

Nan milk formula for infants from 6-12 months, which forms the liquid part of their diet during the weaning period and beyond, is used in addition to other foods to ensure healthy infants' growth and healthy muscles and bone formation.

Not intended for use as a substitute for breast milk, it provides your baby with all nutrients essential for development, with a potent formula based on Milk with Iron, DHA, Optipro, probiotics, proteins, and minerals.

It supplies the right amount of proteins needed for your baby's optimal growth.

Bifidus BL is a probiotic that helps to reinforce your baby’s defense system, As well as enhances digestive health, and improves nutrient absorption.

Contains DHA and ARA, two special fatty acids found in breast milk, which are important for your baby’s immune defense system and contribute to the development of the brain and vision.

Active ingredients:
Probiotics, DHA, Iron, Multivitamins, and minerals

Supports mental, physical, and muscular development.
Enhances brain and eye development.
Strengthens immunity.
Ensures healthy growth.
Supports general health.
Protects against anemia.

How to use:
The amount of milk that should be given to the child per day depends on the age of the child.
Add the prescribed number of scoops of milk according to the feeding schedule, and follow the preparation instructions included with the package.

Points Of Interest:
Suitable choice for infants from 6 -12 months.
Unboiled water, unboiled bottles, or incorrect dilution can make your baby ill.
Follow the instructions exactly.
Make sure to shake the bottle until the milk is completely dissolved.
With each use, rinse the bottle, nipple, and ring thoroughly until the residue from the previous feeding is removed.

Made in:

400 g

Store at room temperature