Pursonic Water Floss

A device to clean teeth tightly and remove plaque between teeth that are difficult to reach using a conventional brush
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Pursonic Water Floss

Pursonic water flosser is designed for oral care and gum health as well as for maximum dental hygiene.

The water flosser creates a pressure water stream to remove plaque and food residues even in small spaces.

Especially for its role in reaching small spaces and back teeth that are difficult to reach using regular brushes and conventional dental tools as it has a 360-degree rotation.

Pursonic water floss provides you with three different cleaning modes for a thorough oral clean:
1- Doing a gum massage, which removes the bacteria that cause unwanted mouth odor.
2-Massaging the gums, protecting them from infections, and enhancing their health.
3- Remove bacteria deep between the teeth and under the gum line.
It has a perfect design as it has a 2-minute auto timer with a 30-second interval alert system.
Pursonic water floss is easy to use and rechargeable.
It is also equipped with a stop and start button to control the flow of water or stop it with an ergonomic handle, making it easy to use.

• Pursonic Water Floss helps to clean the hard-to-reach places and between the teeth.
• Helps remove food residues and plaque and prevent the formation of dental plaque.
• The water flosser maintains the health of the gums.

How to use:
• The handle of the dental floss holds the water at an angle of 90 degrees so that the water comes out in the form of constant currents that clean between the teeth.
• Focus on the top and bottom of the teeth, between the gum line and the spaces between each tooth.
• It is used for about two minutes, after which the mouth is rinsed with water to help remove plaque.
• Be sure to empty the water from the tank of the device upon completion of use to avoid the accumulation of bacteria inside it.

Point of interest:
• Pursonic Water Floss can be used with water or your own mouthwash.
• It is recommended to review the dentist periodically every 6 months.
• Keep the Pursonic Water Floss away from high temperatures to avoid damage.
• keep away from the reach of the children.
• For external use only.
• For personal use only.
• It should be noted that the water floss device does not replace the toothbrush and its daily use.

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