Qv Intensive Lip Balm 15 g

A lip balm that is specially designed to moisturize chapped and dry lips while protecting lips from damage.
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Qv Intensive Lip Balm 15 g

QV Lip Balm is an innovative moisturizer that combines high hydration with sun protection.

The lip balm works to soothe and moisturize dry or cracked lips, as it contains vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin cells from free radicals damage.

It also works to protect the lips from damage as it forms a protective layer that keeps your lips soft and hydrated.

This unique combination of QV Lip Balm allows you to moisturize your lips anytime, anywhere, without compromising lip health.

Active ingredients:
Vitamin E, Dimethicone

Benefits of Qv Intensive Lip Balm:
- Deeply hydrates cracked and dry lips.
- Protects the lips from external factors.
- Gives you healthy-looking lips
- Protects lips from discoloration and damage.

How to use QV lip balm:
- Use it whenever necessary.

More information:
- Features a unique and soft applicator on the lips.
- Free of perfumes, colors, lanolin, preservatives, and flavors.

Made in: Australia

Quantity: 15 g

Store at room temperature