Revitol AHA 20% Multi-Action Cream 50 g for exfoliating

Gentle exfoliating cream, used for dark spots to Unifies the color of skin
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Revitol AHA 20% Multi-Action Cream 50 g

Multi-action cream contains AHA that Gently removes layers of dead cells, helps to refine skin texture, and reduces lines & wrinkles.

Active ingredients:
Glycolic Acid, Caviar Extract, Vitamin E 

Removes dead cells.
Unifies skin tone.
Hydrates the skin for a soft and luminous look.

Use twice a day, Apply to a cleansed face, neck, hands and body then apply suitable moisturizer cream.

Point Of Interest:
Exfoliating cream for sensitive skin.
Firming skin.
Improves skin color within weeks.
Regular use will minimize the visible appearance of lines & wrinkles.
Refine skin texture and improve the softness and firmness of the skin.

Made in:

50 g

Store at room temperature