Vichy 48H Beauty Deo Roll Anti-Trans 50 ml (Pink) to get rid of perspirant

It is an antiperspirant that helps to delay hair development
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Vichy 48H Beauty Deo Roll Anti-Trans 50 ml (Pink) 

An antiperspirant that helps to delay hair development, improves skin texture and luminosity and helps to control perspiration.
This beautifying deodorant helps to brighten the skin and delays the need to depilate the skin.

It contains:

• Ultra-absorbing minerals help to keep the skin dry throughout the day.
• Micro-refined antiperspirant actives allow for targeted action on the sweating glands for 48h.
• LHA ER195 improves the skin texture and delays hair development.
• Reflecting pearls help to brighten the underarm area.

• Controls the odor.
• Controls excessive perspiration.
• Brightens the underarm skin.
• Delays hair development.

How to use:
Apply it onto previously cleansed skin, on the underarm area.

All Active Ingredients:
Ultra-Absorbing Minerals, Micro-Refined Anti-Perspirant, Reflecting Pearls,,

Points of interest:
• Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and depilated skin.

How To Store:
Stores at room temperature.

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